Geom-e-Twee™ 1.2


Here is the link to the Built-in Help for Version 1.3.

Welcome to Geom-e-Twee, the children's version of the all-ages "Geom-e-Tree" app!

Version 1.2 was an exciting new version of our popular Geom-e-Twee 1.0.

Version 1.3 of GEOM-E-TREE is in the App Store.. This version of Help will cease to be relevant after you update to the new version.

What's new in 1.2?

Color & Themes are New! (Now Old)

  • Draw trees with new colorful themes in addition to Geom-e-Twee's original green.
  • Multi-colored trees show patterns that are unseen in one-color trees.
  • Themes have a Blue Sky, Night, or original Light background.
  • There is a new Help section all about Themes below.

Also new, Geom-e-Twee remembers the tree you were drawing when you turn the power off!


Here's How You Can Play

To open or close the branches, slowly move one finger up or down on the display.

To change the number of branches, tap 2 or 3 fingers on the display at the same time.

To change the way the tree grows, put your thumb and finger anywhere on the display and bring them together (pinch) or move them apart (spread).

  • Pinching makes interesting patterns of overlapping branches.
  • Spreading makes the branches shorter, so they won't overlap.
  • For more control, start with your fingers way apart.

To go back to a simpler tree, double tap. That's two quick taps with one finger.

To make the branches open or close in steps, tap once in the upper or lower half of the display. You can tap as many times as you want, but don't tap too quickly or you'll be double-tapping!

To change the theme, go to the Themes tab at the bottom of the display and tap on a different theme. Twee will change instantly.


Geom-e-Twee Tips

Practice makes perfect!

  • When pinching or spreading, put both fingers down at the same time, so that it is clear you are using two fingers!
  • When changing the number of branches, make sure your fingers tap the display at the same time.

If you get too far out on a limb or get lost, just double tap with one finger to go back to a simpler, less overlapping tree. The angle will stay the same.

The tree doesn't do well with wild gestures. Relax. You'll have more fun if you let Geom-e-Twee respond.


Choose a theme by using the "Themes" tab. Here are the Themes.
Original kids' Twee theme.
Shadowed green lines look cool!
India Ink
A few bold black lines.
Like drawing with an ink pen or dark pencil.
Pop Sticks
Wooden craft sticks.
Magic sticks that change length!
Twee Rainbow #1
Blue sky with shadowed rainbow lines.
Six or seven colors!
Twee Rainbow #2
Blue sky with flat, rainbow colors.
Watch for patches of color.
Twee Rainbow #3
Night with 3D color.
Glowing in the dark!?
Black & White stripes.
Follow the odd & even levels of Twee.
More Themes to come...
We have great ideas for future themes! Send your idea to


More Fun & Help

When you have made a design you like, just tap Share/Save to e-mail your tree to a friend or save it with your Photos.

You can also:

  • See some wild Twees and fun puzzles on our Puzzles page (~2MB).
  • Visit Geom-e-Twee's Help Page.
  • Write to


  • About Geom-e-TREE

    Have you checked out Geom-e-Tree 1.2 yet? [NOW 1.3!] Our all-ages app is even more immersive and challenging, with more branches, more lines, and more themes. If you've loved Geom-e-Twee and are ready to move on, look for Geom-e-Tree in the App Store.

    Geom-e-Tree is awesome because:

    • It has 20 [40!] wild themes, including ones with pulsating colors.
    • It draws trees with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 [and 8, 9!] branches. (Twee draws 2 or 3.)
    • Its fine lines can create greater complexity.
    • It draws more lines for every tree.
    • It has a built-in "Arboretum", or tree museum, where you can collect trees you've discovered.

    On the web:
    In the App Store: get Geom-e-Tree!

    Our Commitment

    We'd like every child to have access to the educational and entertainment value of Geom-e-Twee. You can help support our work by adding Geom-e-Tree to your App collection. Our full-featured Tree further explores the natural principles underlying Twee, and Tree is the engine that drives our development. So look for Tree and Twee updates in the future.

    Thanks for all your support!

    A Note to Grown-up Developers

    The Geom-e-Tree and Geom-e-Twee apps are ©2011, by John Miller, Portland, Oregon, USA. These apps will have features added in later versions. We really don't want to see copycat versions that simply add minor features to our basic design. We ask other developers to respect our right to improve Geom-e-Twee and Geom-e-Tree, and challenge them to come up with their own creative ideas to enrich the electronic playground and classroom. Thanks!