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Welcome to Geom-e-Twee, the children's version of the all-ages Geom-e-Tree app!

This is Geom-e-Twee's built-in Help. The Twee 'tab' (bottom left) is where you can play. The other two tabs are for changing Themes, and Sharing your Twees.

iPod and iPhone users: you can better view this Help via our website, geom-e-twee.com, using any internet browser.

For those who are Updating to Geom-e-Twee, Version 1.3

The double-tap gesture now toggles the Gold-e-Locks Mode on or off, and we've added some great new themes — see What's New below.

What's a geom-e-tree?

ternary diagram. binary diagram. From its trunk up through its branches, a geom-e-tree — or Twee — is a geometric figure that has the same structure repeated throughout:

It's all the same — a geom-e-tree always has the same number of branches at every node, the same size angle between branches, and the same ratio between levels.

Twees with four, five, six, or more levels have many surprises. Geom-e-Twee 1.3, The App, provides an entertaining and educational experience of geom-e-trees. We hope you enjoy it!

Exploring Twees with your Fingers

Geom-e-Twee responds to simple gestures made with your fingers. The entire display area can be used for your gestures. Your iPad or iPhone can be positioned upright or turned sideways (portrait or landscape orientation).

Changing between Two and Three Branches

To change the number of branches, tap 2 or 3 fingers anywhere on the display at the same time. A two-finger tap should switch to a binary Twee. A three-finger tap should switch to a ternaryTwee.

Varying the Angle by Panning and Tapping

Graphic depicting Tapping Gesture Graphic depicting Panning Gesture To open or close the branches, slowly move one finger up or down on the display. This is called panning.

All angles in the Twee will change as you pan.

To make the branches open or close in steps, tap once in the upper or lower half of the display. You can tap as many times as you want, but don't tap too quickly or you'll be double-tapping! (See Gold-e-Locks Mode below.)

Varying the Common Ratio by Pinching and Spreading

Spreading Gesture To change the way the tree grows, put your thumb and finger anywhere on the display and bring them together (pinch) or move them apart (spread).

Red prohibition signs on the display indicate that you can't pinch the common ratio any further.

Setting and Unsetting Gold-e-Locks Mode

To make the branches grow just right, double tap anywhere on the display. (A Double Tap is a one finger tap tap on the display.) This lets Twee's branches grow as long as they can with out touching each other. Not too long, not to short — just right. You can vary the angle while in this mode and see Twee vary the Common Ratio automatically to keep the branches reaching out just right.

You'll see a green border around the display when Geom-e-Twee is in this mode. Another double tap will turn this mode off. A pinch or spread gesture will also end Gold-e-Locks Mode.

Gesture Carefully

What to do:

What not to do:

Sharing & Saving Twees

When you have made a design you like, just tap Share/Save to Mail your twee to a friend or save it with your Photos. Two buttons are provided:

Tip: You can switch to the Share/Save tab just to protect your current Twee from accidental change.

Feel free to share a Twee with your friends on Facebook or anywhere else. Let your friends know about Geom-e-Twee ... after all, it's free!

Geom-e-Twee Themes

Themes are special effects you can choose from the Themes tab at the bottom of the display. Each theme has a sample image and a short description. To change the way the Twee looks, tap on a different theme. Twee will change instantly. All themes are based on the same underlying geometry.

The original version of Geom-e-Twee had a plain green Twee. The next version introduced 'themes' with coloring schemes for the lines — three rainbow themes and black & white theme. With this version we delve into more aspects of geom-e-trees.

Different Themes show Different Things

Color can be used for more than just making pretty patterns.

Each theme tells us something a little different about geom-e-tree geometry.

Branch Order Theme

Traversal Order theme The first new kind of theme shows the branching order of the Twee. A binary tree's left branches are white and its right branches are black. A ternary tree has all middle branches colored dark red. The colors let you see how a Twee can curl around and fold up.

Allometric Themes

Traversal Order theme Allometric themes change the thickness of the branches as well as the branch length when the common ratio is changed. All branches on the same level have the same width. Allo-met-Twic has squared off branches, while Tweely has rounded ones. The two themes have slightly different parameters (range of values) that make them work.

The Juggler

JUGGLER theme For something completely different, we have a theme that features the nodes of the Twee rather than its branches. The underlying geometry is the same as a tree with branches, but The Juggler shows a ball at each node instead of showing the branches. Balls on the same level are the same color.

This theme is fun. We call it The Juggler because at times it looks like a clown is throwing colored balls up over his head. You may see the balls merge into just a few piles, or arrange themselves in groups. When you move away from those coincidences, the groupings explode and the balls move on their way to some other such arrangement / grouping.

Some juggling act!

What's New in Version 1.3?

Major change and improvements:

Minor changes and bug fixes:

About our work - After completing Geom-e-Tree 1.3, we took the opportunity to refresh Twee. The new themes you see here were developed in Geom-e-Tree, and so we made junior versions available here along with the updated code.

Twee 1.2 was built for iOS 4.2 in 2011. Twee 1.3 should be good through 2014, so we probably won't update Twee again until 2015 - we need to work on some new apps! If you really like Twee and your are an adult or older kid reading this, try Geom-e-Tree! Tree will always have more themes and advanced features.

Everything Else

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To Our Friends

Are you in a non-English-speaking country? Are you an appreciative parent who would like to support our work, or a developer looking to imitate?

Geometry may be a Universal Language...

...but please forgive our lack of Internationalization. We appreciate the friends we have in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and other countries. Someday we hope to be able to afford professional translation of this Help and the FAQ into five or more languages and have those appear directly in Geom-e-Twee. Until then, we have provided links on our support page for Google translations.

See translations for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, etc.

Our Commitment

We'd like every child to have access to the educational and entertainment value of Geom-e-Twee. As explained above, our full-featured Tree further explores the principles you find in Twee, and demand for Tree drives our development. You can help support our work by adding Geom-e-Tree to your App collection. So, if you'd like to see Tree and Twee updates in the future, please pick up Geom-e-Tree, PolygonFlux, or PolygonTrix. Thanks for all your support!

A Challenge for other Developers

The Geom-e-Tree™ and Geom-e-Twee™ apps themselves are ©2013, by John Miller, Portland, Oregon, USA, and their app names are trademarked. These apps will have features added in later versions. We really don't want to see copycat variants of our basic design. We ask other developers to respect our right to improve Geom-e-Twee and Geom-e-Tree, and challenge them to come up with their own creative ideas to enrich the electronic playground and classroom. Thanks!

Version 1.3, May 2013