Geom-e-Twee on the iPad

Geom-e-Twee is a "must have" for every iPad with children around — the iPad allows them to use their fingers, and stretch their mind!


Tree is the active surface. The gestures are the same as described for the iPhone on our Home page.

You'll find that most twees are taller than wide, or nearly round. But some twees spread out wide, so be sure to unlock the rotation and let them fill that space! All modes of the interface will rotate to the orientation of the device.


Whether running on the iPad or iPhone, Geom-e-Twee sends and saves the same size image [768x1024].


This is the same Help that's on the iPhone, just a larger view of it! For your reference, here is the Help Page on the Web.

The screen shot below is positioned midway through Help, showing all the section on Themes, plus a little before and a little after that section. This is just a sample of a longer scrollable help page.

Sample Tree - A Star!?

Can you make Twee do this?

Sample Tree - Espalier?!

This tree has 2 branches to begin, opened up to 180°, pinched down to common ratio 1.0.

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