Geom-e-Twee ClassRoom Activities

Activity #1

Can you figure out how many lines are drawn to make the two-branched tree? The Three-branched tree?

Hint: Change the number of branches by tapping either two or three fingers on the display at the same time. Open the tree up to where you can see the branches more plainly by moving one finger up or down. You might also adjust the Common Ratio to that all the lines are about the same length. Do whatever you can to see the number of "levels" in the Tree. Now just break it down into two problems, figuring out how many branches there are on each level, and then adding up those numbers.

Teacher: Help by explaining what "level" means. Give examples like: "What Level are we on now, as in games. More levels!", and "Take it to the next level..."

Activity #2

See if you can make each of the 12 Geom-e-Twee's shown on the puzzles page! The Twees have names like "Equilateral Triangle", "Square Diamond", "Five-Pointed Star", etc.

Directions for what to do are provided to the right of each Twee drawing.

Teacher: Get familiar with one twee before class. Show the class how to make that twees by following the instructions. If you have the only device in the class, hopefully you have a projector! Just go through the moves on your device. Students equipped with devices (or paired up) can follow along.

Parent/Child Activities

Tell us something fun that you and your child did with Geom-e-Twee!

The Teacher's Corner

We'd love to hear stories about Geom-e-Twee being used in school or at a fun event.
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